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Planning the photo shoot for all the products. Busy night sorting and packing but looking forward to it tomorrow. Then the launch will follow asap!!! Ahhhhhhh. Should all be up and running by next week.


Photoshoot day! Was amazing, long hard day but so much. Pre Edit pictures look amazing. Huge shout out to Stephen Hignett for the amazing photos. Such an talented photographer. Also huge shout out to Simon Poskitt for been an amazing model and giving bear look down to a tee! Follow them on Instagram @poskbear & @stephen_hignett 


Photos edited and published! The website is fully live and ready to go. Discount codes to come! Launch party 27/05/2017. 

Go Buy Now :-)


Busy sorting promotions and sending orders. Busy but buzzing. Sorting Launch party aswell. that is going to be exciting. Come down and join us on the 27th of May.


Working on a vest, long sleeve tee and polo shirt today. Very exciting. Hope all is liking the merch so far. All so a beard comb in the works too. :-)


Attending 1st Anniversary Party of Mysticum Luna Store opening tonight. Looking forward to that. Received quotes today, planning the next set of clothing to be released. Working on a new necklace aswell Monday. Whoop roll on PARTY!!!!